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Packt sent me an e-copy of “Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials” by Sten E. Vesterli asking me to review it. The book is a pretty good and probably rather unique book which covers the Open Source version of the **Oracle**   **ADF library**. This does not mean the book is only for “open source” ADF since everything you can do in this book you can also do with regular ADF instead it means it covers using Adf with non-standard technology such as GlassFish, Mysql and so on and so forth.

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The best PACKT book ever?

Now don’t get excited!

This is not saying much; most PACKT books are so bad I want to gauge my eyes out with a fork!

And indeed this book is no exception it has many flaws and I honestly think is a bad book which suffers from lack of editing and peer review.

But is is *a very very smart book* and the author has managed to pull something rather difficult off in very nice way. I think with some editing this would have made a truly amazing book.

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Is it possible to summarizing two years of Apoteket with a handful of music tracks?

Music has always been an important influence to me. I tend to emote strongly by listening to music. Unfortunately emotions are not, for me, really in the public domain so I will probably never share that here.