Yaay! The blog is finally (after presumably months of disarray) back online. I got fed up with wordpress and rewriting headaches so I swapped to something which does not reply on rewrite rules, php or similar old technologies. Now I am using Pelican which is a static blog generator.

It is pretty nice and I really like making things "for real" where as before you almost had to rely on some fancy theme to get your layout. Now pelican is not without its issues and it is absolutely not a convenient platform as the runtime requires a bit of tinkering to get up. And more importantly editing an article is pretty tedious as you need to find the file open it in notepad and then regenerate the entire site.

Now all this I can live with because as there is no dynamic runtime it is lightning fast and more importantly not plagued by loads and loads of wordpress security problems.

Since this is a pretty new toy and I have had limited time working on migration there are likely to be some hiccups along the way. I also know aht many articles have conversion issues which I will try to resolve in the next few days.

But please do let me know any issues you find.. starting with the missing comment section (which will also come back in a day or so).