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I know I promised to continue the article about top CPU consumers. But I was cleaning out some papers and found some printed code from when I was a bit younger then I am now. So I decided to post pone that for another day (hopefully tomorrow or day after).

Anyways it is interesting how the world has changed, yet everything seems  stay the same.

Rewind the clock some 20 years or so and I was already coding. I started out in the late 80s I guess coding basic which sort of sucked because GW-basic (and later on Qbasic) was never very good for making graphic games. And after having played classics like Q-bird and later on Larry really begged for more than Qbasics famous Gorila game could deliver.

So by accident I got my hands on some Assembler books and I was instantly hooked!

I spent hours and hours coding away in assembler but alas this was before the age of github and even subversion so by now all the code is lost.

But fortunately thanks to the magic of paper I found some old code sheets which I had backed up through my printer.

Well documented code

The interesting thing is that I wrote rather well documented code (which I guess was a necessity since assembler is a tad on the unreadable side).

I was seriously sad though since I had this “cool” thing going on with rather embarrassing aliases and such. Hell we eventually even ended up having our own fake “cult” on IRC just to make us feel special. By cult here I mean me and some other guys waving fancy handles around trying to speak speak medieval English.

And for some strange bizarre reason I had some ascii art arrows going along all the bulk instructions. Had to have been seriously difficult to keep that up. Or maybe I had some strange brief macro for it?

The only living remains

The only remains from this era in electronic form is a single “demo” I did which started out which some nifty flame plasma over text where you could select which graphics card you had.

Well, so much for the old days, maybe I shall apply some OCR to the source code and try to compile it?

Anyways, time to end this post and get some shut-eye so I can write the real post tomorrow about Lua scripts for NSClient++.