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I was asked to present at OSMC in October later this year and figured I would ask around a bit:

What would you like to hear me talk about?

Now I figured I would also use this to see what kind of blog post I shall write so two birds with one stone :)

A few ideas I have for topics are:

  • Real-time monitoring I started to dabble a bit with real time monitoring when I wrote/talked about the real time event-log monitoring stuff I added to NSClient++. But the subject is much larger and there is a lot of other areas such as performance counters, disk/io as well as log monitoring (files not event log).
  • The road ahead/Whats new (NSClient++). This is to me always feel a bit cheep. Like I cant come up with a a topic so I tend to avoid it besides I did a lot of the "whats new" last year. But perhaps people think it is interesting?
  • Extending NSClient++ NSClient++ can be extended with scripts but it is much more powerful then your normal scripting. There is also a myriad of ways it can be scripted and extended such as Lua, Python, dot-net etc etc.
  • Monitoring Windows Now this is a big topic and the reason I often avoid it is that you either make it to general by not speaking about X which means you end up with  "monitor disk, cpu and memory" or you make it to detailed meaning everyone thinks "but I don't use X".
  • Configuration management with NSClient++  Now this is a topic I think will become more and more interesting as the number of configuration options are exploding with more and more able versions.
  • Java monitoring This is something I would like to talk about since I am a Java developer and I did a talk about this a few years back but the main problem is the details will be very application server specific meaning you again end up with everyone thinking "I don't use X".
  • Distributed monitoring Again a topic I feel much about and I spoke a bit about it here and there last year so probably not for OSMC but maybe some blog posts?
  • Monitoring Patterns Now I am not a monitoring specialist but something I have been actively looking for are recipes and patterns for monitoring various things and I think it would be nice to start collecting various recipes for monitoring. Now this is (as I said) not really my field (I am more of an infrastructure guy) but perhaps I could start with what I know and see if we can get somewhere?
  • Feel free to add you own ideas here! Interact, get back to me, let me know what you think!