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Well, since I got an email from Würth Phoenix asking me to plug their conference Which has been renamed again this year calling itself Open Source System Management Conference 2012. Ironically enough they forgot to include the link making it a bit difficult to give some information but a quick google reviled this page Since I figured it would be a dreadfully short blog post with just a single conference I figured I’d mention the other once I know about as well.

Open Source System Management Conference 2012

Italy, May

Again it is held in may (May 10:th) and since I have been visiting the last two years I can say it is a pretty nice Conference. It is also free so if you are in the vicinity of Bolzano in may there is really no reason not to go. I would say the conference has a more business oriented focus then the much tech heavier one held by Netways later this fall.

And as I said last year in my video plug the scenery and weather in Bolzano in May is AMAZING! So even if you not in the neighborhood you should go Ler


I would say the highlights this year (for me) would be:

  • Systems Management using Open Source Actual trends and strategies of well established and new platforms with Bernd Erk. Assuming it will not just be about Icinga Ler
  • Nagios in Cloud Computing Environments How effectively managing the cloud with focus on application and network performance with William Leibzon

But there is plenty of other things to choose from so be sure to check out the agenda at

IMAG0267Nagios World Conference North America

USA, September

Not much is known about the agenda for this year as it is a long way off. But if the venue is the same as last year you HAVE TO GO! A truly bizarre hotel with among other features ducks (the ones that go quack) inside the hotel!

Well to be honest it was probably some other bird but given my limited understanding of ornithology anything that swims and is not a swan is a duck. (and these were neither white nor biting me so they can't have been swans).

But ornithology aside last years sessions was very good and the evening event was pretty cool as well. Cant say I liked Minneapolis too much but I think that is more of a “US feature” then anything fundamentally wrong with MSP. Since all the cities I have been in have been remarkably un tourist-friendly.

Given that it is the only (?) Nagios World Conference this year it is almost a given for any serious Nagios user. They have also extended the conference to three days this year making it (presumably) even better than last year. More details can be found here

Open Source Monitoring Conference 2012

Germany, October

As always (hey, this was my first ever conference talk!) Netways is hosting OSMC in fall again as always. And what can I say: (not much really since it is by far to early) but presumably it is the same place, presumably the same excellent talks and presumably the same excellent people! For me it is a given if you are into open source monitoring and I have attended now for some five years or so I should know. I think the only real bad thing about this conference is the location of the hotel which is located smack in the middle of the red-light-district which makes this the least family friendly conference of them all.

This years conference schedule

  • 2012-05-10 Bolzano, Italy

    Open Source System Management Conference 2012™

  • 2012-09-25 - 2012-09-28, MSP, USA

    Nagios World Conference North America 2012

  • 2012-10-17 - 2012-10-18, Nuremberg, Germany

    Open Source Monitoring Conference 2012

DSC03240As you can see from the photos I tend to spend my vacations on various conferences instead of at the beach but alas this year we are planning to actually have a real vacation so I am unsure if I will make it…

I will definitely miss Bolzano this year due to some family restructuring in May (se image on right) and might miss MSP in September as that’s around when the vacation is planned leaves me with a potential slot open for Nuremberg but alas if I have a regular vacation I might not have any days off for going there either Ledsen

…but we shall see…we shall see…