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Since I am pretty new to this blogging thingy I will try to write what you can expect form this blog. I have in fact started to blog many times before but never lasted 5 posts so where as this is not new it is new in the sense that I intend to actually give it some effort this time.

The main topics will be:

  • Monitoring Nagios, Icinga, NSClient++
  • Development SOA, C++, Java, Python, …
  • Personal Myself, My family, …

The reason for having many topics (or categories as they seem to be called in the blogging world) is that I felt having three blogs would mainly be to much work but also seems rather silly as there will be four posts per year that way. So instead I will combine it all here.


image1 Since I am the author of NSClient++ I have for some time been wanting to blog about monitoring mainly as I feel there is far to little blogs on the subject (that I have found) but mainly as I feel I have things to write about and non place to write it as the “blog” on is not really a blog.


image2 Primarily I am and always will be a developer. I spend thousands of hours writing code and sometime I do things where I think now this would be nice to share but as I have no place to share I end up just ditching and forgetting it which means next time I need it I will have to figure it out all over again. I am mainly involved in SOA development at work which means technologies such as Java, XML, Web services, Databases as well as Weblogic Server and what not. But a lot of tooling is built in other languages such as Python, Perl, Excel etc etc. In my personal space I dabble mainly in C/C++ and things revolving around that.


image3 Well, I don’t really like Facebook so this will be my personal “I am making coffee”, “I am drinking coffee”, “I need to pee” section. Hopefully someone in my family will find it useful, if not maybe I will stop? Regardless these posts might be in Swedish so I would recommend not reading them unless you understand Swedish. Mainly my personal life includes my Girlfriend, Lovely daughter and the “bonus child” which my lovely girl friend brought along.

Well, this is pretty much it for now I guess…