Michael Medin

personal android nexus player
Nexus player: Sucks
personal LEGO dreams childhood
Lego Crane: A childhood dream come true
personal web
Blog back online!
development automation mail puppet review
Experiences with puppet: "Perfect mail server"
personal daycare family swedish våra barn
Dagis Våra Barn: Kollektiv eller toppstyrt?
development conference connecta continuous delivery oracle OSMC SOA
Radar group Integrate 2 Innovate
personal birthday cake family photo
The Cake is not a lie!
monitoring conference monitoring naemon nagios
I will be speaking at: Open Source System Management Conference 2014
monitoring icinga lua monitoring nagios nsclient++ scripting windows
check_cpu with top consumers in NSClient++ (part 2 of 2)
development adobe fail
Seriously sad adobe…
development addembler asm code history
A walk down memory lane…
monitoring lua monitoring nagios nsclient++ NSCP script windows
check_cpu with top consumers in NSClient++ (part 1 of 2)
development Adf Java oracle Packt review
Book review: Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials
monitoring conference monitoring nagios nsclient++ NSCP OSMC video
Video: Simplified Monitoring? from OSMC 2013
monitoring conference icinga nagios netways nsclient++ NSCP OSMC travel
Open Source Monitoring Conference 2013
monitoring conference family famousInGermany nsclient++ NSCP OSMC travel
A conference to remember…
monitoring icinga nagios nrpe nsclient++ NSCP
NSClient++ for NRPE users
monitoring conference monitoring nagios nsclient++ NSCP
I will be presenting at Nagios World Conference North America 2013!
development c++ family Java poetry programming python
Is poetry like programming: language Agnostic?
monitoring conference monitoring nsclient++ ossmc travel
Open Source System Management Conference in Bolzano
personal china travel vacation vietnam
Trip to China: Vietnam [2/4]
personal china photo travel vacation
Trip to China: Dong Xing, Part 1 [1/4]
monitoring monitoring nrpe nsclient++ NSCP scripting windows
Scripting on the Windows side
development forms oracle review
Book review: Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development—Made Simple
monitoring icinga nagios nrpe nsca nsclient++
Putting some client into NSClient
monitoring icinga nagios nsclient++ security ssl
Securing NRPE with certificate based authentication
monitoring icinga lua nagios nsclient++ scripting windows
Enhance your monitoring with stateful scripts
monitoring eventlog icinga nagios nsclient++ realtime
Real-time log file monitoring (both event log and text files)
monitoring book conference demo nsclient++ OSMC slides
Slides from my OSMC 2012 presentation
monitoring cern conference icinga nagios nsclient++ OSMC review twitter zabbix
OSMC 2012 - Open Source Monitoring Conference
monitoring eventlog icinga nagios nsclient++ windows
Self-resetting event log alerts
personal construction vacation
Summer projects
monitoring conference monitoring OSMC
What would you like to hear about?
personal evelina family health-care sophia
Family augmentations
personal gallery photo synology
Thumbnail 1000:s of photos on a Synology NAS (in hours not months)
personal inkclub tech
“Cheep toners” from
monitoring conference icinga nagios nagios world OSMC
Monitoring Conferences 2012!
monitoring eventlog monitoring nagios NSCP
Real time event-log monitoring with NSClient++
monitoring monitoring NSCP windows WMI
Using WMI with NSClient++ 0.4.0 Part 1: Command line tools
personal books childhood skrot-nisse
Vissa saker ändras aldrig…
development conference Java JFokus review
JFokus 2012 in retrospect
development console far manager keyboard multiple monitors unix windows windows 7
Efficient Work: Context switching via the Keyboard
development boost c++ python
Embedding Python inside a multithreaded C++ program
personal music oracle work
The end of an era: Apoteket!
personal family swedish xmas
En helt sjuk jul…
monitoring conference icinga nagios netways OSMC
Review: Open Source Monitoring Conference 2011
monitoring conference monitoring nagios NWC OSMC
Nagios World Conference vs. Open Source Monitoring Conference?
development code style css gallery js photo php web
Gallery 3: A modern web gallery?
personal evelina lego
Legosamlingen börjar ta form
monitoring monitoring NSCP python unit test
Unit test your monitoring: Introducing unit tests in Python for NSClient++
What’s this blog about?